Ötigheim/Lahr (rw). Marc Krankenberg is the only starter for the ADAC-Gau Südbaden to start in the Lupo Cup at Hockenheim since the start of the season on 19 April. 20 young "wolves" ("Lupos" in Latin) were selected for Germany's number 1 touring car junior class in order to cause a sensation with the small VW with production start in autumn. Before half-time next weekend at the Regio-Ring in Lahr it is clear that the young Lupos already offered many attractions for spectators.

Position fights, close fights for the top and controlled curves on often two wheels inspired the audience in the stands. At third and fourth places in the training of the races at Hockenheim, the Nürburgring and at the Sachsenring Marc Krankenberg also got to know the pitfalls of the 112-hp Lupos in the pack of 20 wolves. In third place at the race on the Nürburgring, Marc Krankenberg made the acquaintance of a stack of tyres. This served, often repeated on television in slow motion, as a ski jump for a loop.

Roll cage, airbag, safety tank, racing ABS and a special seat are a guarantee for safety for Marc Krankenberg from Ötigheim and the other up to 24-year-old fellow wolves. Marc Krankenberg enthuses about the support by team boss Kris Nissen, VW-Motorsport and the Abt technicians. The brakes are insane and the suspension is convincing," emphasizes 18-year-old Marc.

Meanwhile he is also highly praised in the trade press for his driving talent. But a result at the top is a long time coming despite the results in training and the course of the race so far. The Ötigheimer from MK-Motorsport finds himself under tough competition. At the Norisring on July 5th Marc Krankenberg had dropped back to 15th place after a training accident. "I fought my way up to 8th place with hard bandages", emphasizes the Ötigheimer Wolf. The competitors were extremely close to each other. When on Sunday at 10 a.m. the "VW-Lupos" go over the distance of 50 kilometres to the Regio-Ring Lahr, the Rastatt sponsor VW-Dienst as well as the top of the ADAC-Gau Südbaden will be thrilled. After a good placement in the "Home Grand Prix" of the Ötigheimer, further talent promotion was promised.

Published in BNN 15.07.1998


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