Ötigheim (rw). The VW "Lupo", in Latin: Wolf, was announced as the first three-litre car before its public premiere these days. Marc Krankenberg from Ötigheim has now covered almost 3000 training and racing kilometres with the newcomer. So far he has competed in nine races of the "Volkswagen ADAC Touring Junior Cup". Together with other young talents, who sniffed into the big racing world in a media-effective way, he participated in the elaborate promotion of young talent with a racing version with 112 hp.

The final run at the Nürburgring will start next weekend. The instructor and coach, touring car ace Kris Nissen, is satisfied with the young Ötigheimer's performance: "He praises me, but he can't believe my misfortune," notes Marc Krankenberg. If there were several good placings after the qualifying, the race was over or in the second half of the field.

This is what happened at the run in Wunstorf in Lower Saxony, where Marc was "shot down" by a competitor in third place. The "Looping with the Lupo" in Nuremberg will also remain in the memory of the racing talent for a long time. What the offspring from MK-Motorsport has to offer he won at the last race at Oschersleben. After a start from the end of the field Marc Krankenberg overtook 14 cars and finally finished eighth.

While Marc Krankenberg is hoping for a good result in the final run in the Eifel, he is already looking forward to the next season. The sighting for the Porsche Junior Cup or tests for the D2 formula team of Ellen Lohr are promising dates after the fight in the "wolf pack".

Published in the BNN 02.10.1998


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