Dear M1 riders,

The BMW M1 are now at the tender age of 20. As we noticed during some service work on various M1s, the original brake lines become porous over time, lose their effectiveness, show bubbles and sometimes become leaky. For this reason we have developed special brake lines for this vehicle type.

These are steel flexible pipes which consist of a flexible Teflon tube and a stainless steel jacket. These steel flex hoses provide life-long durability and provide a harder brake pedal, better brake response and less brake fading.

Price for a complete set: 626,40 DM

As a supplement we offer you:

High-boiling brake fluid: 91.64 DM/per litre

(Prices plus installation costs: 198,36 DM incl. brake fluid change, brakes + clutch bleeding)

The brake lines can be easily installed at any BMW dealer or directly at our premises.

Furthermore, we offer you a complete service for your vehicle, using all the know-how we have acquired over many years of work on this vehicle type, so that you can enjoy your M1 for many years to come. This service is already used by some M1 drivers who have been bringing their vehicles to us regularly for several years.

UPDATE 2018: The special brake lines are no longer available.


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