First victory for MK-Motorsport. Krankenberg and Thiim successful at the Nürburgring.

Ötigheim (rw). After a ninth place in the "24-hour race" at the Nürburgring in the overall standings with an MK-M3, the Ötigheim racing team "MK-Motorsport" now achieved its first victory with a BMW 325i. In the fifth round of the "German Veedol Long Distance Cup", in which 145 touring cars competed, a victory was clinched in the 18-car Group N class with engine capacities of up to 2.5 litres.

In addition to Michael Krankenberg from Ötigheim, it was the Danish competitor Kurt Thiim who played a major role in the first leading position for the racing team from Baden in Europe's toughest endurance test for touring cars. Yesterday as factory driver for VW, he understood how to bring the MK-BMW forward together with Michael Krankenberg.

But the training for the "28th ADAC-Reinoldusrennen" hadn't looked so good yet. Only a third place in the class had jumped out. In the race Michael Krankenberg heated up the other closely packed BMW M3 and 325i. The main competition was Team Michael Bäder/Tobias Hagenmeier, the later runner-up.

After a very fast pit stop by the Ötigheim mechanics team with Alex Koch the way was clear for the Dane Kurt Thiim. After Harald Becker's BMW also dropped out, the Ötigheimers were in the top position in the hotly contested class. The shock was caused by gear damage, which forced the experienced Thiim to drive the last of the 570 kilometres in four hours in fourth gear. The lead was enough to finally receive the winner's trophy.

Published in BNN 13.07.1998


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