Already the season opener of the Ötigheim touring car racing team MK-Motorsport before the start of the "German Veedol Endurance Cup 1998" with ten races at the Nürburgring brought a fist-thick surprise.

Thiim is an enormous addition to the team as he brings years of experience as a Mercedes works driver and Le Mans to the team. My wish for 1998 is to be at least as successful as last year," announced Michael Krankenberg. In 1997, until the final run of the 3.5-litre vehicles, a leading position in Europe's toughest endurance test was taken until a technical defect destroyed a leading position in the overall standings.

Under the direction of chief mechanics Alex Koch and Klaus-Dieter Koch, the people of Ötigheim have prepared an MK M36 for this season, which will already start at the 47th ADAC-Westfalenfahrt, the opening race of the endurance cup, at the weekend. Compared to last year's 325i, the BMW M3 has about 320 hp at three litres displacement, which means almost 100 hp more.

Opponents in the highest touring car class of the Veedol Endurance Cup are expected to be BMW M3 cars with an engine capacity of 3.2 litres and around 30 hp more. However, our competitors have 100 kg more weight, higher fuel consumption and more tyre wear," explains Krankenberg. In addition, Thiim, who had already driven a vehicle from the Ötigheim PS forge in 1988, is being built. In the German Touring Car Championship the unique victory of a private team over the BMW works crew was achieved. Thiim has gained a lot of experience in the meantime. Krankenberg recognized the opportunity. Kurt hasn't signed yet. I just grabbed him."

The main goal of MK-Motorsport is the start of the 24-hour race in June. But first, the four-hour race distance will provide information about the shape of the Ötigheimer.

Published in BNN / BT am 23.03.1998


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